About Our Blog

Hello from the Vancouver Lookout observation deck! We’re blogging from 553 feet (that’s 168.2 meters) above the ground, perched atop the Harbour Centre building in downtown Vancouver.

Here at the Lookout, we’re passionate about providing excellent customer service to our guests. Our multilingual staff give guided tours of city from the observation deck daily. They are filled to the brim with information on Vancouver’s past, present, and future. We also strive to fill the role of a concierge in the sky, telling visitors all about what Vancouver has to offer. We love to share our knowledge of the city on and off our observation deck, and so we present this blog as an ongoing vessel to deliver information.

Whether you are a tourist in Vancouver or a local resident, we’re sure to have posts that interest you. We share two main categories of blog postings. These are:

(1) Reviews and information from other Vancouver attractions and activities.

(2) Descriptions of upcoming local events and celebrations.

Please have a look around – we hope you enjoy our blog and find it useful! For more personalized information (and an amazing view, of course!) visit us downtown near Waterfront Station at 555 West Hastings. Happy reading!


Click here to learn more about each one of our guides up high!

  1. Is this the official blog for Vancouver Lookout?

    Admittedly, I’ve yet to actually go up to the observatory yet (as a Vancouver local) but will do so shortly. I can imagine it’s stunning at 553 feet!

    I almost wanted to go for the hike up your stairs event but the line up was a little too long for my liking; I’ll go for the elevator haha.

    – Benjamin

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