Who are you?
Born and raised in Vancouver, I am currently a student at the University of British Columbia studying History and Asian Studies. I specifically enjoy 20th century German history and pre-modern Chinese and Korean history. In my spare time you can find me taking five hour naps and hibernating in my room.

What’s your favourite part about Vancouver?
My favourite part about Vancouver is how diverse and multicultural it is. It is a wonderful city that allows people to share their diverse cultural practices and traditions in an inclusive and open space!

For a good meal in Vancouver I would go to…
For a good meal I would go to SURA on Robson Street. They offer a great menu full of classic and interesting Korean dishes suitable for the adventurous and those who prefer more familiar things.

What’s ONE attraction or activity would you recommend most to someone visiting Vancouver?
I would recommend going to Fly Over Canada, it is not only a fun time for children but a great time for adults as well. It is not an adrenaline pumping ride but a relaxing and scenic 4D experience that includes the various landscapes that our country has to offer.

What makes a good tour at the Vancouver Lookout?
A good tour is always catered and delivered accordingly to the audience and is engaging while being informative and accurate!

When you are not working, what do you like to do?
When I am not working I am most likely sleeping in till late in the afternoon, watching history documentaries, or attempting to work on my goal of being a polyglot. I have learned Mandarin, Cantonese, and German in the past but I am currently working hard on improving my Korean.

This winter I hope to…
This fall I hope to wear my winter coat more so I don’t get sick as often as before.

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