Meet your Guides

A mix of local and international tour guides passionate about our great city will make you visit a memorable experience! Escape from the traditional guided tours and enjoy one our fun and interactive tours where the tour is catered to your interests!

We had an interview with every single guide working hard to make your visit unforgettable! We offer English-speaking guides but we also have staff who speak other languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Korean. We will certainly meet your needs if you have special language requirements!

Did you enjoy your visit to the Vancouver Lookout? Did the view take your breath away? If so we’d like to hear about it! We’ll appreciate any comments you might have. Find out how to send us your comments, or read what people say about us on the web.

“You just gotta go!
Went up twice on new year’s eve at the opening time of 10am and around 4pm for the sunset . Weather in the morning was terrible and the visibility wasn’t that great. The late afternoon visit was much better with amazing views of this great city. The female Brazilian guide that walked around the observation deck and explained the views…” Visiting from Stevenage, UK 

“Wow, the view was spectacular” Visiting from Alberta

“The most amazing sunset I have ever seen. We will definitely return” Sydney, Australia

“Thank you for a wonderful tour of Vancouver, our guide was very informative” Brighton, UK

“What a great place to sit and stare for an hour or so” Visiting from London, UK

“The mountains are amazing, great view” Tokyo, Japan

“Wonderful personalized tour, Thank you” Seattle, USA

“Vancouver Lookout you rock” ESL Vancouver

  1. Hi! i was there back in October, what an amazing place! every time i put my camera down i’d find another new way of looking at the city again 😀 thank you for making my visit there a great experience and following my blog 🙂

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