Exciting times for Urban Farming

Vancouver always seems to be developing ideas for a greener future.  West coast ideologies spanning from the hippies of the 60’s to development of cycle lanes and green architecture of the new convention centre in recent years. Passion for urban farming has a growing following and an interesting business idea has come to downtown Vancouver.  A food producing greenhouse is set to be built on an old roof top parking lot, the facility visible from the Lookout will be built at 535 Richards street.  The food is to be grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers; although this sounds traditional enough it is in fact using some newer methods of production.

The crops will be grown as a vertical garden and will rotated on a conveyer belt to ensure the crops have equal sharing of sunlight. The amount of food that is estimated to be grown there is between 150,000  to 200,000 pounds annually (the information cited in the Metro, date Aug 23).

The CEO of Alterrus Systems Inc. Christopher Ng stated for interview with Business In Vancouver

“Current food-production methods are ineffective in dealing with the challenges of growing populations and decreasing amounts of farmland. VertiCrop’s high-density urban farming is an effective way to grow nutritious food using fewer land and water resources than traditional field-farming methods.” Cited http://www.biv.com

We will be watching the developments with interest as the city grows greener with roof top gardens and looking forward to the future of farms. As developments continue we will keep you posted with pictures of exciting times to come.

As you can see we have a prime view of gardens. Come and take a look from up here at the Vancouver Lookout. 

About VancouverLookout

Where else can you enjoy a 360º aerial view of Vancouver, “the most beautiful city in the world”? Your adventure starts with a 40 second glass elevator ride, whisking you 168m (553ft) skyward to our panoramic observation deck. Enjoy intimate views of cosmopolitan Vancouver, historic Gastown and bustling Coal Harbour. Look beyond for enchanting views of our stunning natural landscape including world famous Stanley Park, the Pacific Ocean, the majestic North Shore Mountains and the Olympic Peninsula Mountains.

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